Does DJ Fresh Regret Joining Metro FM?

Does DJ Fresh Regret Joining Metro FM?! It’s been almost three weeks since DJ Fresh was taken off air. The veteran DJ was suspended for speaking foul language on air.

DJ Fresh revealed on his twitter that he was just as in dark about his return to Metro FM as his listeners and fans. And now that time is moving, does he regret joining Metro FM when he did? DJ Fresh took to twitter on Monday sharing his regret of not listening to his friend Euphonik two years ago.

#WhenMyGutSaid “listen to @Euphonik”, all of two years ago, I should have!!! Now I must call him and say “Seems as if you were right!”!!! #FML#TheBookOfEuphonza#Nonkery,” he tweeted. Whilst it’s not clear what Euphonik had warned him about, it seems it might be linked to his Metro FM job.

In 2017, Fresh revealed that he had turned down a big check from 947. “I turned it down it because I want to service people. And the best way I could get that was at Metro,” he said. It seems Euphonik had advised him to join 947 and he went with Metro FM.