Sandton Shutdown: Hundreds of Women March to the JSE (PHOTOS)

Hundreds of women gathered at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange on Friday morning, ahead of the planned #SandtonShutdown protest.

The protest is expected to draw as many as 10,000 people, mostly women. They are protesting against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and will be handing over a memorandum at the JSE.

They aim to shut down normal business activity as they seek to get attention while highlighting ‘issues which are destroying our society’.

“Attacks against women and children are worsening in South Africa. The murder rate has gone up, including the rate of sexual offences against children,” said Numsa in a statement issued by its second deputy president, Ruth Ntlokotse.

“It is unsurprising therefore that the war against women has intensified. On average one woman is killed every three hours in South Africa, and in most cases the perpetrator is a man who is known to the victim.”

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The union has cited extreme poverty and inequality as a driving force behind the violence in our society, particularly targeting women and children.

“Today women, and in particular, African working class women remain the most abused in our society. They are the lowest paid, and are also often victims of violence in their homes,” said Numsa.

“We support this protest and encourage all our members, as well as other working class formations to participate. Only a united working class, working to destroy the greedy, destructive capitalist system, can save us from patriarchy, and all the social ills associated with Capitalism.

“Members of the working class must unite to create a new, genuinely equal Socialist South Africa.”

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Heavy police presence is expected in the city, with Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department warning that some roads may be affected.

Here are some pictures from the Friday protest.