Siya Kolisi Lavishes Praise on Trevor Noah After Cape Town Meet

Siya Kolisi Trevor NoahSome bromance is brewing between Springboks captain Siya Kolisi and host of the Daily Show Trevor Noah.

The two have achieved greatness in their respective fields. Siya captained a world cup winning team, while Trevor has reached the pinnacle of late night comedy.

As they say, game recognizes game. On Thursday, Siya took to Instagram to lavish praise on Trevor. He called him a true inspiration to South Africa and lauded him for flying our country’s flag high.

To sit down next to you, knowing the journey you have been on, knowing where you came from, to reach the heights you have reached is remarkable. Trevor Noah, you are a true inspiration to South Africans. You fly the flag high for the country and we are all forever proud to call you one of our own.”

To which Trevor replied, And we both hurt our left knees! Brothers for life!😄🙌🏽”

The two met last week at the Match for Africa tennis game between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Trevor Noah and Bill Gates also played a friendly.

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